Islands in the Sun (…Rain, Wind and Snow)

I’m afraid I’ve been neglecting my Blog over the last few months – far too busy having a lovely time island hopping for various projects…this year alone, on Islay, Mull, Seil and Shuna (of which there are at least two of the same name, and in the interests of client confidentiality I’m not revealing which one I’ve been on!) Travel has included CalMac ferries, landing crafts, the Bridge over the Atlantic, an Argo ATV, a rib and a small motor boat – Sadly, only one offers a full breakfast…but my two faithful assistants, Rogan and Josh (aka The Curry Boys) are with me on every trip…

Back home over The Bridge over The Atlantic







Early morning ferry to Islay








Taxi to Shuna








Getting the curtains and blinds to site








The Curry Boys - faithful assistants!








So (as they say on Radio4), I’ve just finished a two year project on one of the Shuna’s today and thought it might be time to share a few images.  The house needed total gutting, restoration and extending into a new Sun Room with a sedum roof (designed by Kearney Donald Architects), so the starting point was four bare stone walls and a roof. The windows, kitchen and most of the  bespoke joinery work were beautifully handcrafted by William MacKenzie and Taeko. In order to take advantage of the stunning views, as many of the windows as possible included window seats – some with storage accessed via hinged lids, and others including heaters.


Panelled reveals with window seat




V-lined reveals with storage in seat

Enclosed radiator

Electricity on the island is generated by windpower, so the wood-burning stoves are a valuable source of heat…this one in the snug needed a simple oak mantel to top the pretty tiles:

Finished Snug fireplace

Knowing that there would be a lot of windproof, waterproof and coldproof gear to accommodate, a suitable quantity of hooks with a bench seat for pulling on thick socks and wellington boots was required…



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